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Hans Hansen Cufflinks and Tie Bars

The Hans Hansen smithy in Kolding was one of Denmark's most important and prestigious ateliers. The Hans Hansen smithy was opened in 1906 by Hans Hansen (1884-1940), The work done there was of high quality but in 1932 the smithy entered into the first rank when Hans' 18 year old sculptor son, Karl Gustav Hansen (KGH) (1914 - 21 December 2002 ) joined the firm.

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The young Hansen was a brilliant designer and his first collection of designs, "Future Line", in 1932 was well received. His early exhibitions included: World Expo in Brussels 1935, Paris 1937 and New York 1939.

The elder Hansen passed away soon thereafter and the firm prospered under the oversight of KGH. Ever the innovator, KGH sought and hired many of the best designers. Bent Gabriel Pedersen (Bent G), Bent Knudsen (Bent K) and Henning Koppel all designed for the Hansen smithy.

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The consortium that owned Georg Jensen purchased the smithy in 1992. It is important to be able to attirbute the dates of cufflink manufacture properly. Many cufflinks were manufactured with the HaH mark that were not 1930's marks but 1950s and 60s. Recently some of the HaH, superimposed HH and the Hans Hansen signature marks have been re-issued by Georg Jensen.  The cufflinks below are originals and 7 of them are from the famous "Future Line" series and were manufactured before 1937.

Be very careful when purchasing cufflinks. HH and HaH marks do not necessarily mean they are original issue. If you are in doubt send me a photo and I will try to help if time permits.

Beware of forgeries of Georg Jensen and Hans Hansen cufflinks now circulating and being sold as genuine. Purchase your cufflinks from reputable sources! 

Karl Gustav Hansen  - Hans Hansen - cufflinks and tie bar - photo by Dan Taylor