A big thank you to my Clients!

I knew that there was a pent up demand for my handmade jewellery but I am humbled by the welcome back that I have received from some of you.

I kept in touch with many of my clients during the lock-down period. It has been a difficult time for many of you and for many makers as well. I am fortunate in that I didn't have staff salaries to worry about, nor do I have any debt. That being said, the idleness and solitude weighed on me too.

Many of you know that I am getting on in years and I plan to spend less time at my bench starting in about 5 years. As it is now, I enjoy every moment that I have in my studio and every interaction with my clientele. I plan on taking on an apprentice after the new year and another 6 months or so afterwards. I will teach them how to make beautiful handmade jewellery using the same age old techniques that I use daily.

Most importantly, I will teach them to listen to you, my clients. You know what you want and you want the jewellery to be of highest quality that handmade can achieve. After all, my jewellery is made by hand and not by soulless robotic machines that make thousands of inferior quality but visually perfect pieces. Well perfect until the unfortunate purchaser wears them a few times. That is when cognoscenti are born. The misery of the mass produced leads to the knowledge about quality of the handmade.

I have seen it happen time and time again. Smart people learn and the others go back to the mall for more abuse and punishment.

I am thankful every day for those that know the difference.

Vive la différence!