12 January 2022 - I will be back at my Jeweller's Bench

As of 12 January 2022, I am  delighted to say that I will be back at my jeweller's bench in my studio.

I have missed the joy and privilege of working with my hands and mind to create beautiful jewellery and interact with interesting clientele.

As the pandemic is continuing, I am adhering to the highest health standards. At this time I prefer to meet with my clients online using internet based video conferencing technologies. My preferred methods are Zoom, Skype, What's App and Google Duo.

Time to go tidy up and organize now. It is amazing how things have disorganized themselves in the past months!

Order for Delivery starting in March of 2022 Only!

As I have mentioned previously, I make all of my jewellery by hand. I am at a stage in my life that permits me to take my time and enjoy the my bench time and not rush. My order book is now closed for 2021.

I have a number of pieces to make and deliver March. I will be making and delivering a few bracelets and necklaces too.

I look forward to fulfilling these orders and seeing what interesting projects 2022 brings.

My Choices for these Changing Times

 The times are changing and I have found that some of my clientele is moving from high karat gold to sterling and fine silver.

My challenge is still the same: to make something that my client will enjoy wearing every day. A jewel that will bring them a deeply satisfying personal comfort, much like the Danish concept of hygge evokes.

This global health crisis has made it difficult for me to see clients face to face. Technologies such as Zoom, Skype, What's App and Google's Meet have made virtual consultations easier but fitting a ring is still problematic.

If a client would like a ring or ring set made, I provide instructions and I will often mail them a disposable ring sizing set for them to use. Necklaces and bracelets are my most in demand items these days since sizing is seldom a problem.

I will be making several samples of the various types of links that I find best for necklaces and bracelets and display them on this sight. Pick the type of link, the length and the precious metal that you want and I will send it to you.

Contact me if you wish to discuss having something made for you by hand. 

My Rules for Client Interaction, Jewellery Design and Fabrication

I've often been asked by other artisans as to how I interact with my clients and potential clients, my best practices if you will. Below is a brief overview of my methodology.

These are my basic rules for client interaction, jewellery design and fabrication:
  • Previous clients "go to the front of the line". Treat them with kid gloves.
  • Always be polite and on time.
  • Do not discuss politics.
  • Subtlely educate your client on recognizing quality if they are being introduced to fine jewellery.
  • Do not hesitate to say "No thank you." to some commissions.
  • Be upfront with your client on the costs and terms of doing business.
  • Design jewellery that compliments your client's taste and lifestyle.
  • Design jewellery that can be worn daily for years.
  • Design jewellery that is comfortable to wear.
  • Design jewellery that is able to be maintained or cleaned by it's owner.
  • Design jewellery by hand and eye and discussion with your client, not by using computers.
  • Fabricate the jewellery using hand tools and fire.
  • Do not post photos of a finished bespoke commission without your client's approval.
  • Honour and protect your client's privacy.
  • Do not use wax carvings or casting.
  • Do not take on more commissions than your hands can handle.
  • Fit the jewellery to your client and demonstrate the best way to wear the jewellery.
  • REMEMBER: Previous clients "go to the front of the line". Treat them with kid gloves.

Working from home? Maintain your appearance and status!

I had an interesting conversation with a client this morning.

My client is a woman who is the CFO of a large business.  She has a naturally commanding and charismatic presence. She is always well turned out in high quality clothing and all of the accoutrements appropriate to her position.

Along came the pandemic and she is concerned that her presence is demurred when meeting via Zoom or some such. She is spending much less time in the office and much more time at home. She has reorganized her home den to be befitting her role as CFO and has reorganized her home den to be befitting her role.

I understand her situation.

She has asked me to design a bracelet, necklace and earrings (a parure) to be a signature set for her when communicating online. This commission should prove to be an interesting design brief from a very aware and smart professional woman.

Need I mention that the consultations will take place via Zoom or What's App?

Does your video image support and convey the image that you want others to see and feel? Think about that.

Contact me at DanTaylorJewellery@gmail.com for a consultation if you feel that your image needs a renewal.

It is better to have no Jewellery than Fast Jewelry.

Most modern consumers are unable to differentiate between a good quality or a poor quality piece of jewellery. It isn't their fault. They aren't makers or artisans and that is the problem.

In the not so distant past, men and women made and repaired or mended things with their own  hands. They knew what quality was and recognized quality materials and workmanship when they saw it.

Today's consumer is different. Few have made an item that demanded serious hand eye coordination and learned skills.That has made the modern consumer vulnerable to poor quality items that look attractive in a showroom or in a photo in an online sellers website but in fact are more often than not of poor quality.

Fast Fashion has raised an awareness around the tragic sweatshop practices and shoddy quality of the fast fashion clothing industry but little has been mentioned of the fast jewellery industry. It is a problem too.

I can't tell you how many shoddily made engagement rings I've been asked to repair. I usually decline because many can't be properly repaired without basically fabricating a new ring, an expensive proposition. Let's be honest, most fast jewelry is junk jewelry.

By the way, cast jewellery, is NOT handmade jewellery. Porosity, softness and breakage are the hallmarks of cast jewellery. This is how most Fast Jewellery is made.

My advice to the consumer who wishes to purchase a quality jewel such as an engagement ring is to find a goldsmith, often called a jeweller, who uses his hands and not a catalogue. There are very few of us around who actually know how to hand fabricate jewellery. Most people who call themselves jewellers today are just sales people. Once the consumer can recognize quality jewellery, they will avoid these merchants.

Handmade is the way to go if you want quality and durability. Handmade IS Slow Jewellery.

Find a goldsmith who has a goldsmith's bench and uses it most of the day. Purchase from a real jeweller and you'll have something to be proud of and will likely last several lifetimes.

Vive la différence!