Working from home? Maintain your appearance and status!

I had an interesting conversation with a client this morning.

My client is a woman who is the CFO of a large business.  She has a naturally commanding and charismatic presence. She is always well turned out in high quality clothing and all of the accoutrements appropriate to her position.

Along came the pandemic and she is concerned that her presence is demurred when meeting via Zoom or some such. She is spending much less time in the office and much more time at home. She has reorganized her home den to be befitting her role as CFO and has reorganized her home den to be befitting her role.

I understand her situation.

She has asked me to design a bracelet, necklace and earrings (a parure) to be a signature set for her when communicating online. This commission should prove to be an interesting design brief from a very aware and smart professional woman.

Need I mention that the consultations will take place via Zoom or What's App?

Does your video image support and convey the image that you want others to see and feel? Think about that.

Contact me at for a consultation if you feel that your image needs a renewal.