My Rules for Client Interaction, Jewellery Design and Fabrication

I've often been asked by other artisans as to how I interact with my clients and potential clients, my best practices if you will. Below is a brief overview of my methodology.

These are my basic rules for client interaction, jewellery design and fabrication:
  • Previous clients "go to the front of the line". Treat them with kid gloves.
  • Always be polite and on time.
  • Do not discuss politics.
  • Subtlely educate your client on recognizing quality if they are being introduced to fine jewellery.
  • Do not hesitate to say "No thank you." to some commissions.
  • Be upfront with your client on the costs and terms of doing business.
  • Design jewellery that compliments your client's taste and lifestyle.
  • Design jewellery that can be worn daily for years.
  • Design jewellery that is comfortable to wear.
  • Design jewellery that is able to be maintained or cleaned by it's owner.
  • Design jewellery by hand and eye and discussion with your client, not by using computers.
  • Fabricate the jewellery using hand tools and fire.
  • Do not post photos of a finished bespoke commission without your client's approval.
  • Honour and protect your client's privacy.
  • Do not use wax carvings or casting.
  • Do not take on more commissions than your hands can handle.
  • Fit the jewellery to your client and demonstrate the best way to wear the jewellery.
  • REMEMBER: Previous clients "go to the front of the line". Treat them with kid gloves.